Glyndon Dental

We take pride in offering you the best dental care in the Baltimore area for the past 25 years, receiving special one-on-one attention. We enjoy our work and profession, which shows in our product and your satisfaction. Our patients are important to us, and our friendly staff makes certain you are 100% satisfied.

Our services and products include:

1 Hour Dental Hygiene Appointments
Poor dental hygiene or Periodontitis is the Number 1 cause of tooth loss in America today.  Read More

Complete Family Dental Care
Dental health often follows genetic tendencies. Read More

Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Our approach to your treatment is to examine your current status and then consider your long term dental health function, esthetics and stability. Read More

Cosmetic Restorations
Appearance and function must go hand in hand. Having a comprehensive knowledge of all facets of dental care is imperative to the long term success of your appearance.   Read More

Implant Restoration
Dental Implants are the "standard of care" today.  When possible, Implants are considered  in your Treatment Plan Options.  Read More

Denture Fabrication
Whether you need a Full Denture, Partial Denture or "soft" Dentures, we will suggest and provide the prosthesis that is right for your needs. Read More

Emergency Care
This is an absolute must!  We are available to care for your needs on the day you call our office or another time that works for you. As a patient, we consider you family and want nothing more than to assure your safety and comfort.